AdaBlood Admin replied

268 weeks ago

The Huge Materia Coil avaiability Doc

Please everyone fill this out and put your times in Central Standard time, thanks!

powerthirst boom replied

267 weeks ago

Im available all times right now till my new job starts i will let you know more when i find out my schedule come nov. 25th.

Freya Krescent replied

267 weeks ago

I have updated the google doc so it should look a bit more organized. Should make it a requirement, in order to join in on coil, it is mandatory to fill out your timesheet/ register. It will be easier to sort members into groups based on their role/availability.

Kreeo Stravios Admin replied

266 weeks ago

Yea that's how i tried to start it but no one seemed to do it. :(

Kreeo Stravios Admin replied

264 weeks ago

I've removed everyone from this listing except Kujo as we ran with him last night.

If you've stuck around that means you're willing to work with us to get into coil.

So that means we need commitment and some dedication on your part.

So please refill this out.
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